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My Story:

I believe I was lead to this profession to help heal aching bodies and stressed minds through the power of massage. This is more than a career; this is a calling.

My father has always had terrible back pains. One day while attempting to alleviate some of his pain, and upon his recommendation, I found my way to Ace School of Massage Therapy in Amarillo. I asked my therapist some questions about a four year old injury I had; and remarkably received my own relief from the power of massage. I was intrigued. My passion for human anatomy grew and I began to learn more about massage therapy and its benefits. I graduated with my license in 2013.

I opened Kingdom Healing Massage shortly after under the mentorship of my older sister who received her BBA in Business Management from WT in 2010. I take great pride in my practice and have a passion for massage. I continually assert effort to broaden my skill sets to my client’s needs. Recently I have added fire cupping to my scope of services. After your session you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and realigned.

As you can see family is very important to me. My father lead me to massage. My sister’s influence helps drive and motivate me daily. My mother makes flax seed packs, logo shirts, and other various products for Kingdom Healing Massage. If my family didn’t have faith in me then I wouldn’t be where I am today. My boyfriend of five years has stood by my side through the unknown. They all gave me courage to take a leap of faith and not to fear, for on the other side of fear there is greatness.

-Amiee Jo Pickerill

My mission: My number one priority when I work with any client is to reduce their pain. I practice ethically, professionally, honest, and from the heart. I listen to your feedback and use that information to create the best treatment possible.
— Amiee Jo Pickerill

Some of the conditions I treat include:

  • Sciatica

  • TMJ Disorder

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Post-operative pain

  • Hamstring discomfort

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Whiplash

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Range of motion issues

  • Hip/knee/back/shoulder/neck pain

  • Sports/work/auto injuries

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